Book Of Sailing Stories


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Description The pages are yellowing and smell ancient, while the cover is torn and weatherworn. A quick glance inside shows a collection of old sailing stories ranging from pirates and buried treasure to ghosts and voodoo shamans.
Type Usable
Use GhostShip.jpg

You page through the book, reading the stories. They're classics, but all well written.

(and one of the following)
They're pretty scary. It's amazing what people used to read to children. Now they're lucky if they know how to read at all.

(if you've taken the quest from the zombie)
The stories sound suspiciously like the ship you've heard about. Tiny bits from different stories pull together to explain everything, as though someone had tossed them all in a blender.

(if you're on the ghost ship)
The stories almost perfectly reflect the ship you're standing on. You're almost surprised to find the last page doesn't have a sketch of a clawed hand reaching for the back of your head.

You quickly check just to make sure.

(after the quest)
The stories eerily reflect the things you saw on that ghost ship. The zombies here, the ghost sailors there, the gold, the shaman in his bone mask, and all the rest.

You're almost surprised to find that your time on the ship isn't described.
Effect Unknown, unlock ghost ship?


-From asking Larry about himself after getting the Servant of the Mask skill.
-From asking Larry about himself without getting the skill, based on the first two use messages. Maybe useful for resets?


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg paper mache x3
GoldCoins.jpg .06 Goods
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