Bored Guy



Encounter Conditions

Only when not etheric?

Initial Text

Between the crowds of protesters, you run into a bored looking young man. He seems to be the calmest person here and certainly not ready to start protesting.

Summary of Choices

  1. Commiserate with him - Decreases protest size?
  2. Ask him whats up - Learn about Dr. Myers
  3. Teach him not to walk across the Quad - Fight Hipster
  4. Leave him to his moping - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Commiserate with him

You spend a few minutes commiserating with the student.

"Man, I thought I was the only one who realized what a farce this whole protest was. There's no way they're changing anything." He wanders off to spread the word.

Ask him whats up


"Oh, the protest? Yeah, there's some crazy doctor… Dr. Myers I think. Works in the labs, on the fourth floor," he glances around, making sure no one else is close enough to hear.

"They say he's working on some kind of crazy experiment on an endangered animal or something. Working for Midgard, which I think is enough for people to have their stupid protest. The animal just pushed them over the edge."

Teach him not to walk across the Quad

You jump into the hipster. He never saw it coming and stumbles back into a sputtering heap.

(Fight Hipster)

Leave him to his moping

See Walk Away

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