Boris (contact)

See also: Boris (opponent).




1 - If you haven't accepted Boris's Hunt
2 - If you have accepted Boris's Hunt and haven't finished it
3 - If you have finished Boris's Hunt

Intro (before accepting Boris's Hunt)

(If you answered I'm a new transfer in the Meeting Boris encounter)

Ah, yes, hello again. There is a little something that you could help me with… off the books, of course.

But, it might give you a leg up on your testing, if you know what I mean.

I'm all ears
No thanks

(If you answered I'm infiltrating this facility in the Meeting Boris encounter)

Ah, hello again. I have a little mission you might be interested in.

A little too violent for my coworkers, but might be right up your alley.

Sure thing
Let's talk credits
No thanks

I'm all ears

Totally off the books, of course, but I'm looking for a heart. It sounds strange, because, well, because it is strange.

But there's an oil slick of sorts that's washed up on the lakeshore. Some of it's alive. The parts that are alive have hearts and I want one. Ahem.

So far the only people to find it have seen it after those freak storms the beach gets. Keep an eye out.

Get the heart and… well, let's just say you wouldn't have to worry about that pesky test to get into the Slags.

(End of conversation)

Sure thing

Ah, good, yes. Well, here's what you can do for me. There's a beach not far from the lab, nasty place. Won't let me send the interns there anymore.

There's an oil slick of sorts that washes up to touch that beach from time to time… made up of remnants from the creation of the Slags. Some of that oil isn't an inert as it looks. Some of it, in fact is alive.

So far the only people to find it have seen it after those freak storms the beach gets. Keep an eye out.

The living parts, I believe, have hearts… or at least an internal organ of sorts that serves the same purpose. Bring me one and I'll see you're well rewarded.

Nice and simple, da?

(End of conversation)

Let's talk credits

Ah, yes, well, I was planning on giving out an ID that would let you into the Slags. Figured if you were poking around, you'd be interested in that.

I'm happy to sweeten the deal with some cred if you're interested, though.

Sure thing
No thanks

No thanks/Not yet

Very well. Don't take too long, though. The offer might expire any time.

(End of conversation)

Intro (after accepting his quest)

Do you have the heart yet?

I have it
Not yet

or (for some reason? Perhaps after waiting a while before accepting his quest.)

Ah, hello. Do you have the heart? It's an exciting piece, I hope I don't have to wait too much longer for it.

I've got it
Not yet

I have it

(Without a sludge heart:)

No, no, that's not it at all.

Go to the beach outside the Slags. Look for the oil slick. The oil itself will come alive.

Don't worry about the tentacled beasties. We've got plenty of those. The hearts of the oil itself. That's the stuff.

(End of conversation)

(With a sludge heart:)

Ah, yes, that's exactly it! Fantastic!

(If you didn't ask for money)

Ah, what? Oh, yes, here's your ID.

I'm off to play with my new sample.


Oh, yes, your money… and the card. Here and here.

Must run! Many experiments, little time!

(If you already have a Slags medical ID)

What? You already have an ID? Oh… well, you should probably take these too, then. So the Slags don't make you crazy.

Ha ha. Ha ha HA HA HA!

(Gain some of the following, as appropriate:)

You found: Slags Medical ID

You found: Slags antidote

You found: heavy containment helmet

You gained 200 credits!

Larry let me in already
Have fun (End of conversation)

Larry let me in already

The old man can get in? Oh, bad news for him. Very bad.

Take these instead. And don't talk about the old man, da? Management has been wondering about him.

You found: Slags antidote

You found: heavy containment helmet

(End of conversation)

Intro (after finishing his quest)

Don't have anything for you now… or were you just calling to chat?

Let's talk cyberware
How about chemistry
Tell me about the Slags
Who's Patient 2946? (After hearing about her from MBR lab hacking)
Tell me about Murphy (After hearing about him from MBR lab hacking)
You know Dr. Mira? (Only after meeting her)
Oh, nevermind then (End of conversation)

Let's talk cyberware

Hmmmm, cybertechnology? I suppose you could say I'm an enthusiast more than a professional.

If you're interested, drop by the Cybertechnology lab in Metroplex U. Say I sent you.

We send enough… prototypes their way, they should be able to help you out.

(Unlocks Cybertechnology lab)

(End of conversation)

How about chemistry

Chemistry? I'm more of a visionary myself.

Try it yourself first, I always say. Grab some tools and some directions and go at it! Seize the day!

On second thought, see if you can get ahold of Dr. Myers at Metroplex U. I didn't end up with a cybernetic arm for nothing… he can probably help save you the same enhancements.

(Unlocks Dr. Myers in Combine Labs if you don't have him yet)

(End of conversation)

Tell me about the Slags

The Slags? A nasty, devilish place.

Used to be big industry, but after the 'Incident' everything was wiped clean. Nobody's quite sure what happened, but we lost a few facilities.

The city brought in Midgard to build the wall you see around it now. We maintain the wall, the guns, the guards, whole thing. Two labs to keep watch and try to clean up… good luck at that.

Just be careful. I've studied the Slags for almost four years now and the best explanation I can give you is that reality tore. There are things in there that can't exist. And not all of them are so well confined.

(End of conversation)

Who's Patient 2946

(First time:)

Two nine four six? Two nine four six?

No, I've never heard of her. Or perhaps I've forgotten.

But a patient once taught me that some things are better left forgotten. Because memories can come for you in the night.

Maybe Miss Two-nine-four-six is one of those memories, da?

(End of conversation)

(After trying 3 more times:)

You just don't give up, do you? Two nine four six is a memory better forgotten, da?

Don't walk that line. It's claimed better lives than yours.

(End of conversation)

Tell me about Murphy

Murphy? He… made a terrible mistake.

If you know him… if you know his story, I'd advise you don't repeat it.

Just be careful or you might have a laboratory accident. Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

(End of conversation)

You know Dr. Mira?

Ah, Mira. Yes, I know her, not well, but some.

She's Mrs. Bigshot down at the lab in the Slags. Nice place, we should visit sometime. Heh.

Heard she's got some new project from the high-ups. Very hush hush, you know.

(End of conversation)



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