Bound Animatronic



Encounter Conditions

Encountered the Meaty Jump Scare? Does not require etheric.
Before successfully binding the ghoul or defeating the Ghoul Titan.

Initial Text

Finding an empty storage room, perfect for a breather, you wipe away some of the blood dripping over your face. With the passage of your hand, you can see the massive creature… that animatronic, fighting against its chains.

Where the room was once silent, it's filled with the creak of metal against metal and the incoherent shouts of the people surrounding the creature.

They look somewhat ominous at a glance, but their dark robes appear to be a mix of bedsheets and graduation gowns. The shouts don't strike you as particularly intimidating either, cycling through invocations of different religious figures, quotes from supernatural movies, and even a few begging Matsuo to help.

Summary of Choices

  1. Ask them - something happens
  2. Join the rite - something happens
  3. Finish the binding (after Joining the rite with a binding tome equipped)
  4. Charge in - something happens
  5. Back away - something happens

Choice Text and Results

Ask them

One of them cries "can't you see! We're fighting for our lives here!"

Join the rite

You join in and try to repeat the same nonsense they are, but it doesn't seem to help at all. Them chanting it probably isn't helping either, honestly, but at least the chains are keeping it contained for the moment.

Or, with binding tome:

The tome doesn't seem to have anything on these. The chains do seem to be slowing it down, though, so even more chains might help.

Finish the binding

You approach the creature, reaching out for one of its chains. It snaps its massive head to gaze down on you, threatening to draw you into their depths until you fall back.

Or with a chain weapon?

The chain in your hands grows heavy and you can feel a response start to flicker through it, like you can almost feel the other chains.

The creature's massive head swivels towards you. The profound darkness in its eyes threatens to pull you in until you withdraw.

Or, with a chain weapon and a chained museum mask:

The chains in your hands and covering your face grow heavier as you approach the creature. Although your sight is somewhat impaired, you can feel through the chains, tightening around the creature.

You toss one end of your chain forward, hooking into the broader network, and can feel the creature's desperate struggles.

With an audible crack, the chains begin to collapse in on themselves, dragging the creature into darkness. All that remains behind is one of its chains and a few confused partygoers.

You found: binding chain

Some other option for a second chain?

Charge in

The tremendous shape rushes to meet you, dragging its chains behind it.

(Fight Ghoul Titan)

Back away

You ignore the silent pleas for help and withdraw.

(Walk Away)

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