Bowl Of Candy



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

You find yet another candy bowl. Unlike the others you've seen, this one actually still has some candy in it!

Summary of Choices

Take a few - get 2? from selection of candy; triggers warm coin
Steal the bowl - Gain candy bowl; triggers cool coin; appears to remove this choice adventure
Leave it - Walk away?

Choice Text and Results

Take a few

You grab a couple pieces of candy, leaving plenty for other people.

You found: 2 of: peanut butter candy, candy corn, candy eyeball or mini caramel bar

You've gained 5 energy of Warm Coin. (If unearthly coin equipped)

Steal the bowl

You check to make sure no-one's looking, then snag the entire candy bowl. Score!

You found: candy bowl

You've gained 5 energy of Cool Coin. (If unearthly coin equipped)

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