Branching Caverns



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

You find a striking sketch looking out over a vertical passage. Fire writhes far below, casting the rock in harsh relief. Above, you can see chains hanging and something that looks faintly like sides of meat.

Elsewhere in the passage you can see dozens of caverns branching off. They're only faintly detailed, suggestions of cavern, some with light spots that suggest movement.

Summary of Choices

  1. See if he climbs up - Leads to The Black Book
  2. Find him climbing down - Leads to Fires of The Black Book
  3. Look for a picture of other caverns - Gain 3 XP in Reflexes

Choice Text and Results

See if he climbs up

You quickly find a picture of the hero hauling himself upwards towards the warehouse-like upper level of this complex. Actually, it might be him lowering himself back down towards the tunnels. It's hard to tell from just the still image.

(Leads to The Black Book)

Find him climbing down

After only a few pages, you find a sketch of the hero lowering himself down over a pit of fire. It's actually rather striking.

Actually, it could be him climbing up from over a lake of fire. But, with the direction his head is inclined, it seems more like he's searching for a place to get off the chain without dropping into the licking flames.

(Leads to Fires of The Black Book)

Look for a picture of other caverns


You track down a picture of the lighter spots of one of the caverns. The closest image you can find to a close-up is a colony of bats.

It might actually be a class assignment or something, because the style seems strangely normal. Perhaps this is what his art looks like when he's not in a drug-induced trance.

Of course, almost to make up for the sanity, the next pages show the hero being swarmed by massive bats until he can escape deep into the tunnels. You feel winded just flipping through those.

You've earned 3 XP in Reflexes

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