Breaking The Fourth Window



Encounter Conditions

Only after getting the Faceless Hunter encounter


You find a sketch of the winged beast soaring between warehouse's hanging chains, then stopping at a window. From what little you can see through the window, the hero seems to be there reading a book.

The next page shows the thing standing in a pile of broken glass and unidentifiable gore, clutching an amulet you recognize from the hero's earlier explorations in one hand. You can get a much better view now, seeing that it's a primitive carving you're certain is supposed to look like the faceless thing holding it.

That doesn't explain why you wake up in a pool of your own blood, however, or why there's broken glass everywhere… because none of your windows are broken or even made of real glass for that matter.

You found: powdered glass

(hidden: lose jade amulet)

You take <all your HP> damage.

You're pretty beaten up. You can't make it any further without resting.

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