Brilliant Spark


Image spark.jpg
Description It's probably a little dishonest to call this a spark. The "spark" is more like a tiny hole in space that heat pours out of.

It's a little painful to touch, but fires nearby burn all the brighter for its help.
Type Offhand (Usable)
Use You toss the spark into the air a few times, seeing if it'll do anything interesting. Once it gets more than a few feet from you, it explodes violently.

The area is cast in stark relief by the glaring light and an earsplitting roar echoes like thunder. Well, if anyone was curious where you are, they probably have a pretty good guess now.
Multi You toss the sparks into the air. They explode, one after another, blinding you with the strobing light and deafening you with thundering crashes.

Well, no hope of hiding where you are, then.
Use Effects Gain 15? energy of Obvious Presence (While wearing red-lensed goggles, with 2 turns of Red Lenses, 9 fire power and 2 fire defense )
Equipped Effects +3 Fire Power
-6 Fire Defense


Force two Flickering Sparks together
Flickering Spark Flickering Spark
= Brilliant Spark


Join two Brilliant Sparks
Brilliant Spark Brilliant Spark
= Tamed Fire
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .10 Curiosities


Not usable when equipped

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