Broken Bone


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Description Ow. Something's broken pretty badly. It'll heal on its own if you wait a while, but it might be better to visit a doctor somewhere.
Hidden Effects Broken Bone effect
Effects -2 Melee Defense
-4 Strength


Being hit by the Beatdown technique in PvP (dependent on amount of damage dealt; possibly on amount of 'overkill' damage?)
Various techniques used by: Kraken, Ruins Octopus, Writhing Fungus, Writhing Hologram, Huge Rat
Taking Atlas capsules (5 energy, 4 Body)
Various encounters in the Black Sketchbook
Diving in the Summer or Winter forest pool
Losing to a Lake Serpent in the Sewer Hideout
Failing to climb the mushrooms at the Cavern Grove


Using a New Year's blowout with this effect and etheric active can result in a slightly different message.

Removed By

Clean Rags
Serum Mushroom (only with Fae Sight)
Resting at a Hideout with a Street Doc

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