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Type File System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
1 Offense You batter the file system, deleting swathes of files. ? Gain 1 XP
1 Command You order the file system to display a list of files, but the system files alone mean there's too much to go through without a search of some kind. 0-1
(after viewing?)
You check back in with that huge file of reports, chanelling it to the printer so you can take a look later. ? Gain 2 XP
You found: Southside lab documentation
1-3 View There is a huge file of reports, but it's far too large to go over now. You manage to find some video recordings that might be interesting, however. ? You found: 1-3 Southside lab footage
Defense, Other The file system seems content to leave you alone. ?


Southside Lab


Number of lab footages found depends on amount of View used?

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