Build Files


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Type File

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense Your attack tears through the data like tissue. ? (Removes routine)
1 View + 3 Command? It's not immediately apparent what the current executable is, but you manage to convince the system to compile a new one for you. ?
3 View + 4 Command (after checking Programmer Calendar) You track down the compiled file you were looking for. ? You found: Kumachikun Adventure build
1 Command + 2 View (after checking Programmer Calendar) You manage to compile the executable straight onto your comm. Easy peezy. ? You found: Kumachikun Adventure build
2 Command You test its commands, seeing what you can make compile. It's illuminating, the difference in scale between this and what you can do by yourself, but you can't seem to find the right combinations. ?
View There are a ton of files on here, but no real guide on what you might actually want. Even the searches come back with hundreds of different builds and branches. ?
Other The files don't seem to take any interest in your batch. ?


Kumachikun Development

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