Buried Lab


An underground lab beneath Southside, via the Metros. You can access this location during The Survivors quest, by unlocking it in Southside Park via Van Pickup (dressed as bum, with Eclipse and Pep in your Step) or Abduction (with Stealth Power).

There is a hidden "alert" value for the lab. Killing guards or letting scientists talk on the radio increases the alert level. Using a Lab Radio or sending the All Clear on the computer system reduces the alert level. The alert resets to zero every midnight. Some combat encounters only show up when the alert level gets too high, and can eventually trigger the Omega Order. This irrevocably changes the area and replaces the zone with a new set of encounters. (The Omega Order can be triggered several other ways as well.) Click here to jump to the section with post-Omega Order content.

This area counts as underground, indoors.

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter


On entering (Before Omega Order):


You sneak back into the service tunnels near the Metros station, eventually finding your way to the hidden lab. The place reeks of industrial cleaners, barely overcoming the stench of unwashed bodies.

You can distantly hear screams echoing down the stark hall as you make your way into the facility proper.

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters (Before Omega Order)

       Opponents        Encounter Text Notes
Eclipse.jpgportal25.jpg RabidWolf.jpg x2
As you make your way down a hall lined with cell doors, a great racket spreads with the prisoners shouting and crying. The sound is almost enough to drown out the clicking of claws from further down the hall.

Two warped shapes, reminiscent of wolves, rush down the hall towards you. You have only a moment to prepare yourself as the inmates continue wailing.
You run into a pair of doctors. There's a moment where all three of you are stopped short in confusion, but they recover quickly enough to shout out an alarm and try to restrain you. Low Alert
Eclipse.jpgportal25.jpg RabidWolf.jpg x4
You've grown sadly used to the prisoner's wails as you make your way through the facility. However, one scream suddenly cutting off with a gurgle still draws your attention.

Whether they've prowled noiselessly or simply went unnoticed beneath the cries, a pack of twisted creatures has slipped into position behind you. One's muzzle is coated in fresh blood, although its hard to imagine how they could have slipped out here after killing that prisoner a moment ago.

You seem to be next on their list, however, as they fan out to fill the hall and set to the chase.
Low alert
coffee.jpgportal25.jpg RobotHound.jpg x2
As you make your way down a hall lined with cell doors, a horrible racket begins to grow. The prisoners… or test subjects, seem terribly distressed by something.

The apparent source of concern turns a corner towards you from further down the poorly-lit hall. Two Midgard hound drones rush towards you, moving far more fluidly than you would expect.
Low alert
antiportal25.jpg MidgardSecurityGuard.jpg
Judging by the sounds of booted feet and the echoes of radio chatter, the whole place is swarming with guards. It's hard to be surprised by the nearest footsteps suddenly breaking into a run.

On the other hand, they usually at least pretend you have the option of surrendering.
Med alert
unknownportal25.jpg MidgardSecurityGuard.jpg x2
You hear a shout nearby, something about a kill order. Two guards round a corner further down the tunnel, apparently uninterested in questioning you. High Alert
unknownportal25.jpg GunEmplacements.jpg x2
As you make your way through the underground facility's expansive halls, two autoturrets fold from the walls and open fire. Well, if nothing else, it means you got somebody's attention. High Alert
unknownportal25.jpg Thrivaldi.jpg
It's impossible to miss sound of heavy footfalls approaching from further down the hallway, which means whoever is making them either wants you to hear or doesn't care. The sound's source appears a moment later, someone wearing a heavy suit of Midgard armor.

You've seen them before, on the news, but generally not with organic tissue growing over their armor. He wears the armor like a second skin, twisting and moving almost inhumanly as he charges to attack you.
High alert (first time)
unknownportal25.jpg Thrivaldi.jpg
You hear the sound of heavy footsteps again, followed by gravely laughter. "You again. Well, let's have another chat!" High alert (second time)
antiportal25.jpg Tentacle-Bum.jpg
A scuttling shape drops from the ceiling with a hiss. It moves in a blur, but you're able to recognize him as the same test subject you released.

Apparently he's forgotten the meaning of gratitude.

And if you lose or run away:
With you out of the picture, the former prisoner runs off to cause more mayhem.

OR, when ? (I got this with ocean sight, low–medium alert):
A red blur passes in front of your vision and strikes the floor with a meaty thud. You spare a glance down at the mutilated corpse of a scientist, before the blood-covered patient drops down after it… skittering towards you faster than you can really follow.
After the twisted bum from the Cell Block.
A gibbering madman ambushes you from the shadows. It seems at least one of the prisoners you released doesn't know the meaning of "gratitude."

And if you lose or run away:
With you out of the picture, the former prisoner runs off to cause more mayhem.

Gain 1 extra XP in Will, win or lose or run
After a bum from the Cell Block.

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters (Before Omega Order)

Encounter Result Notes
unknownportal25.jpg  Distant Rumble Unlocks new set of encounters After spending too much time in the lab? Too many alarms?

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters (Before Omega Order)

antiportal25.jpg Out Of Your Cell
  1. Rush him - Fight Midgard Security
  2. Act confused - Fight Midgard Security, (Unless you are wearing bum clothes:)
    1. Turn the tables - Fight a Midgard Scientist
    2. Lay back and see - Lose ~125 HP, 8 XP Will, 10 turns of Ruptured Organs
    3. Ask about regeneration - Lose ~125 HP, 6 XP Perception, 5 turns of Ruptured Organs
    4. Chat about Eclipse - Lose ~125 HP, 6 XP Will, 10 turns of Ruptured Organs
    5. Talk about the Slags - Only if you've chatted about Eclipse - Lose ~125 HP, 8 XP Perception, 10 turns of Ruptured Organs
  3. Run for it - Walk away, raise alert

antiportal25.jpg Cell Block - Only before opening 20? locks and before the OMEGA ORDER
  1. Open a door - With MSPSSP Key Open the door, otherwise 2 XP in Perception
  2. Melt a lock - If you have fuming acid or aqua regia in inventory open the door, otherwise gain 4 XP Perception and/or 6 XP Will
  3. Investigate the wiring - If you have electrical kit equipped gain 5 XP Perception or optical sensor and thick cabling
  4. Download footage - If you investigated the wiring and a computer equipped gain Southside lab footage
  5. Leave it - Walk Away

antiportal25.jpgPDA.jpg Surveillance Room - Only after opening 10? locks and before the OMEGA ORDER
  1. Watch the feeds - Gain 5 XP Perception
  2. Search the room - Get a MSPSSP key
  3. Hack the system - Go to Buried lab hacking
  4. Leave it be - Walk away

In Their Native Environment - Lowish Alert, only with ?? Stealth Power

  1. Jump them - Fight 2 Midgard Scientists
  2. Pick pockets - Gain 2 of: battered cred chip, protein bar, Southside lab notes, surgeon's mask
  3. Listen in - Gain 3 XP in Perception
  4. Leave them be - walk away


On Entering (After Omega Order)


The entire place reeks overwhelmingly of corpses and overloaded circuitry. The halls continue much as you remember them, but lit by red emergency lighting rather than the old stark, medical fixtures.

(Or, with an air filter):

You get a faint whiff of rot and overloaded circuitry, revolting enought to make you glad for your headgear. The halls continue much as you remember them, but lit by red emergency lighting rather than the old stark, medical fixtures.

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters (After Omega Order)

       Opponents        Encounter Text Notes
As you walk along the red-lit hallways, you can hear a gentle mechanical whirring that seems rather out of place in the near darkness. A nearby ceiling panel unfolds, revealing a gun turret.

Unfortunately it appears to either have independent power or enough stored to function, because it immediately sprays a stream of bullets towards you.
coffee.jpg RabidWolf.jpg x2
The red emergency lighting flickers for a moment, then goes out completely. In the darkness, you can hear a distant ringing like a resonance of whatever knocked you out earlier.

When the lighting picks back up, you can see two unnatural canine shapes prowling down the hall towards you. Whether you slipped into a bad dream or are having a drug flashback, they seem all too real.
Eclipse.jpg RabidWolf.jpg x4
When the emergency lighting flickers out, you somehow know to expect the worst.

It comes in the form of distant hunting howls, carrying the same bass thrum as whatever wiped this place out. When the howls are joined by another set in the opposite direction, you know you're surrounded.

When the lights flicker back on, they're almost on you. Even outdoors, their twisted shapes would seem unnatural, but the emergency lighting seems to suffuse them, as though they're cast from blood red crystal.
Eclipse.jpg evil%20cabled%20hall.jpg
A crackle of power surges through the hall, bringing the lights back to life for a single flickering moment. The cables hanging from the ceiling twitch when the surge hits, sparking and writhing like serpents or the tentacles of a gigantic beast… that's reaching towards you.

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters (After Omega Order)

Encounter Result Notes
coffee.jpg Cabled Hall Some damage, possibly a frayed cable

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters (After Omega Order)

Southside Lab Corpsepile

  1. Examine the Bodies - Gain 4-6 XP in Perception
  2. Grab their stuff - Gain 1-2 of: basic scope, heavy pistol, gas mask, light armored vest, Midgard MK9, MSPSSP key, security visor, gas grenades, Midgard riot shield, Southside lab notes (more with air filter)
  3. Lay them to rest (Good) - Gain 4 XP in Strength, 4 XP in Will
  4. Walk by carefully - Walk away

Southside Lab Office

  1. Search the Corpse - Gain MSPSSP key and 2 fresh cred chips, first time only
  2. Open the Desk - With a MSPSSP key, gain 3-5 Southside lab notes
  3. Check the Computer - With salvaging tools, gain memory stick, microcapacitor, circuit fragments, frayed cable, processor chip
  4. Walk on by - Walk away
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