Buried Lab (pre-Novos hacking)


As of April 14th, 2013, this site is no longer available in this format. See Buried Lab (hacking) for the current (Novos) version. This page is kept for historical purposes only.


A computer system accessed through from the Surveillance Room choice encounter in the Buried Lab. You must have a computer equipped to hack it.

Options and results are listed below. "Unplug" is always an option. Each action takes 1 energy and raises the alert by the amount listed below. If your alert gets to 100 you are kicked out of the system.

Action Access Alert* Notes
Elevate Privileges - variable
Browse Public Files Level 1 ?
Send All Clear Level 2 ? Lab must be on alert
Browse Secure Files Level 3 >75 Once only
Send Omega Order Level 4 ?
Release Locks Level 5 >50
Browse Security Logs Level 5 0 (generic message)
Cancel Alert Level 5 - Allowed 2 times
Attach Encrypted PDA Full control ? Only with encrypted PDA

* Incognito reduces this - see Alert level for details.

Elevate Privileges

Engage in net combat:

Level Defender
Level 1 Password Lock (?P,?M,?H,?A)
Level 2 Password Lock (?P,?M, 3H,?A)
Level 3 Midgard Protector (?P,?M, 17H,?A)
Level 4 Midgard Protector (4P, 5M, 18H,?A)
Level 5 Password Lock (2P, 4M,?H,?A)
Midgard Protector (?P,?M,?H,?A)
Full control Password Lock (?P,?M,?H,?A)
Midgard Protector (?P,?M,?H,?A)

Browse Public Files

The public files on this system are almost exclusively footage from the cells. You download a few sections with particularly interesting tags and save them for later.

You found: 2-3 clips of Southside lab footage

Send All Clear

You're surprised it requires such low access to sound an all clear, but you take advantage of it just the same.

Browse Secure Files

The secure files certainly have some promise. They seem largely concerned with organizational and procedural matters, but there's a ton of information.

Hel should know Midgard well enough to make sense of it. Unfortunately, the system is set up to only allow printing, not file transfers.

Which, if the guards weren't all gone, would be a valid security measure. Now, on the other hand, it just wastes some of your time.

You found: Southside lab documentation

Send Omega Order

Omega Order? That sounds interesting.

You select the option and confirm it twice, then wait, hoping for some fireworks.

You're not disappointed when, moments later, the security console begins sparking and you're forced to disconnect. The chaos is almost enough to distract you from the low bass hum echoing through the complex.

You're not entirely sure how you ended up slumped over the console, face-down in a pool of your own blood. Regardless of that, the console is trashed.

After a quick reboot, your electronics seem okay. Apparently not even Midgard is crazy enough to set off EMPs inside the city.

The entire complex is in bad shape, though, having gone to emergency lighting. The smell of smoke and blood is a little overwhelming in here, but you can't hear anything shouting or other signs of life.

You take 67 damage.

Release Locks

There isn't a massive "release all prisoners" button, but the locks apparently can be controlled remotely despite their simple appearance.

You manually go through and unlock them, running your finger along the touchscreen to catch each of them in turn. A moment later, you're awarded with the sound of chaos in the halls.

Attach Encrypted PDA

You attach the PDA and the security system establishes a momentary uplink with Midgard's core servers. Several progress bars roll by while you wait.

A final screen displays the slightly strange message:

Emergency Encryption Removed
Documents Recovered
Encryptor: SPGrimhild
Decryptor: SPThrivaldi

Regardless of who or what those might be, you manage to safely pull the documents from the PDA to your comm, leaving the PDA clean and usable.

You found: Fangs' encrypted files

You found: Fang PDA

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