Burning Barrel



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

There's always at least one barrel full of burning trash in Southside Park, putting off that distinct aroma of newspaper kindling and bubbling plastic. Much of the park's homeless population has huddled around the barrel, each of them peering up as you approach.

(and, if you have not given a dirty old trenchcoat away)

One man, whose right arm hangs limply by his side, slides aside to make a spot for you in the circle. A moment later, he turns away, resuming his shivering attempts to warm himself.


There's a gap in the group that you could slip into to warm your hands, apparently left by the man you gave your coat.

Summary of Choices

  1. Warm your hands - Gain 10-20 HP, 1 XP Will
  2. Ask about Mikhail's - Nothing
  3. Charge them (evil) - Fight Filthy Bum, removes this encounter
  4. Offer him your old coat (good) - Gain 1 XP Will
  5. Offer him your trenchcoat (good) - Unlocks Friendly Bum, Introduction
  6. Leave them - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Warm your hands

The wind in the park can be cutting, so it's nice to just stand and soak in the heat. It's restful, really.

You regain 11-20 hit points!

You've earned 1 XP in Will

Ask about Mikhail's


You ask about the attack on Mikhail's, but only the injured man seems interested in talking. He holds his good hand over the fire and begins talking slowly, like he's worried he might have forgotten how.

"Mikhail… he's a good guy, didn't deserve anything like that…"

"It's the Fangs, these gangers," one of the others looks at him, aghast. "I didn't mean it like that. Everything's gone wrong since they showed up."

He laughs. "More wrong."

(or, if you have given away a dirty old trenchcoat)

You ask about the attack on Mikhail's, but no one seems interested in talking. That injured man you gave your coat to doesn't seem to be around, so he might have some information wherever he is.

Charge them (evil (2))

You charge towards the barrel. Most of the locals scatter.

One remains firmly in your path, although it's an open question whether he's brave or simply didn't notice you coming in time.

(Fight Filthy Bum) (Also negates the chance of Friendly Bum encounter.)

Offer him your old coat (Good (1))

You look over you old jacket for a moment. There are enough holes in it that, frankly, you're not really sure if it'd keep him warmer than what he's wearing.

It's a nice thought, though.

You've earned 1 XP in Will

Offer him your trenchcoat (Good (2))


You hand the man your spare coat and he wraps himself up in it.

"Thanks, there… I owe ya one… I…" he trails off as he wanders away from the barrel.

Leave them

See Walk Away

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