Burning Ectoplasm


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Description This carefully contained sample has been violently on fire since it was created. On the bright side, it looks like something a mythical hero might carry to light her way. But there's really no good excuse for why it hasn't burned out yet.
Type Usable Quest
Requires 8 Base Will
Use The ectoplasm explodes, seemingly with malice. Tendrils of flame wrap around you, scorching you.
Multi As you begin to examine the ectoplasm, it explodes into a mass of flames, setting off the other samples. You're enveloped in a pillar of fire that seems driven by malice, channeling all its energies into burning you.

And, if using them drops HP to 0:
You wake up several minutes later, the deep burns over your body slowly healing. In retrospect, that might not have been a great idea.

If, instead, you survive and had used 5 at once:
You're still standing… wow. Well, chalk one up to preparation.

If you use 5 at once, survive, and have Pyro, Driven Healer or Twisting Chains:
You manage to channel the fiery ectoplasm into your body, learning a new level of control over fire.
Effects You take <x> damage.

Using 5 and surviving (first time)*:
You've learned a new Skill: Fire Trained

Using 5 and surviving, with Pyro, Driven Healer or Twisting Chains*:
You've learned a new Skill: Leaping Flame

* These skills are mutually exclusive.


Start an unstable reaction between an Ectoplasmic Sample and Fine Hound Dust
Fine Hound Dust Ectoplasmic Sample
= Burning Ectoplasm


Add some Burning Ectoplasm to a Smoking Blob
Burning Ectoplasm Smoking Blob
= Fiery Blob
Dissolve some Burning Ectoplasm in Fuming Acid
Burning Ectoplasm Fuming Acid
= Plasmic Acid
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .14 Curiosities
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