Burning Mouth


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Description The strange sensation spreading through your body seems to come from your mouth and stomach. It's rather distracting, but you don't even notice your muscles' burn over the feeling in your mouth.
Hidden Flags Phoenix Spice effects
Effects +2 Strength
-2 Perception


Eating phoenix chili. (20 Duration, 3 Hunger)
Eating phoenix eggroll. (10 Duration, 2 Hunger)
Eating phoenix sauce. (20 Duration, 1 Hunger)
Eating phoenix sub. (10 Duration, 4 Hunger)
Eating phoenix teriyaki. (30 Duration, 7 Hunger)
Eating phoenix wing. (10 Duration, 1 Hunger)
Eating spicy bat wing. (10 Duration, 1 Hunger)
Eating spicy noodles. (10 Duration, 3 Hunger)

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