But X / Of The

Miscalaneous technique text information

When you successfully use an Evasion technique (against an opposing technique of a type that is evaded by your evasion), the opponent's attack text is modified - your evasion text is appended at the end. This text always displays how much damage the attack did after evasion is applied, and usually ends in one of the following forms (with the verb varying):

  • (but you) avoid all but <X> damage. (when the damage after evasion is <X>, where <X> is greater than zero)
  • (but you) avoid all of the damage. (when the damage after evasion is 0)
  • (but you) avoid no damage. (can occur with the special restrain bonus of some techniques)

This can be denoted on the tech page as:


[[[but <X> / of the]]]
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