Cabling Nest


Image Cabling25.jpg
Description You can't even see the golem heart in the middle of the cabling anymore. It just sits there, unmoving. You get the sense it's waiting for… something.

In the meantime, it seems to be even better at channeling etheric energy than electricity.
Type Offhand
Effects +5 Etheric Power
+1 Eclipse Duration


Hanging Wires, (only with electrical kit or salvaging tools equipped?)

Give your Trash Golem Heart four lengths of Thick Cable to build a nest
Trash Golem Heart Thick Cabling
Lashing Golem Heart Thick Cabling
Crawling Golem Heart

Thick Cabling

Writhing Golem Heart

Thick Cabling

= Cabling Nest
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .24 Curiosities
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