Call Center Break Room



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

A small group of people is huddled in the break room, chatting as they wait for an exceptionally slow microwave to process their food. Between the badges labeled "call center" and the headsets several of them haven't even bothered to remove, they're pretty clearly workers from this floor.

Summary of Choices

  1. Stop to chat - Nothing?
  2. Mention the AVP (After searching the Unoccupied Call Center Director's Office) - Nothing?
  3. Talk Halloween (During Halloween 2023) - Information
  4. Check the fridge - Gain 2-3 of: OmniCola, Lattes! iced latte, egg salad sandwich, Lattes! breakfast sandwich
  5. Start a brawl - Gain 10 Call Center Alarm, fight 2 Call Center Workers; if you win gain 10 more Call Center Alarm
  6. Leave it be - Walk Away

Choice Text and Results

Stop to chat

The conversation in the break room stutters to a halt as you try to join it. After a while, it eventually comes back together talking about the weather.

Mention the AVP


"There's a couple of them. They all get mobbed the moment they comes down here," one of the workers explains. "Not that I blame the managers. It's not just the raises thing, I haven't met one that isn't crazy hot, like someone upstairs is hiring models instead of execs. They're probably all serial killers," she jokes, or at least mostly jokes.

"Might be worth it," another offers. "I'd rather run from a serial killer than the bank."

That gets a few nods of agreement.

Check the fridge

You help yourself to whatever catches your eye before heading on your way.

You found: 2-3 of OmniCola, Lattes! iced latte, egg salad sandwich, Lattes! breakfast sandwich

Start a brawl (Evil)

You knock over one of the workers, sending her reheated lunch splattering over the others. Despite their attempts to de-escalate, you get the brawl you desired.

Two of them are willing to stand up to you while the rest scatter.

You've gained 10 duration of Call Center Alarm.

(Fight 2 Call Center Worker, if you win: gain 10 Call Center Alarm)

Leave it be

You don't have time for a break.

(Walk Away)


During the setup for Halloween 2023:

Talk Halloween

The workers seem pretty excited about Halloween. "Management is actually letting us throw a big party this year, probably because the director's out."

Another shows off the paper mache bats she's making for her desk.

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