Call Center Worker


Image off%20duty%20call%20minion.png call%20center%20worker.png Masked%20Worker.jpg
(as seen in the Parking Garage; Call Center; during Halloween 2023)
Combat Name The worker
HP 12-16
Gender Female
Stats Perception: 4
Reflexes: 2
Strength: 2
Will: 2
Power Melee: 0
Stealth: 2
Evasion: 0
Unopposed: 0
Defense Melee: 0
Ranged: 0
Fire: 0
Etheric: 2
Stealth: 0
Reactive: 0
Awards 2 XP
You found: 10-15? credits (sometimes)
You found: taser (sometimes)
You found: deactivated ID (sometimes)
You found: call center ID (sometimes)
You found: office suit coat (sometimes)
You found: office dress pants (sometimes)
You found: call center mask (always?, during Halloween 2023 only)


Parking Garage: Came To The Wrong Neighborhood
Call Center: Call Center Break Room


Technique Chain Power Type Notes
Running Away ? 8 Evasion (M, R) Ends fight; gain XP but no other rewards
Lash Out 2 2 Melee (normal)
'' 5 Melee (as closer)
Taze 4 5 Stealth (normal)
'' 5 Stealth/Evasion (M,?) (as closer) Stuns you next pass
Dive for Cover 4 4 Evasion (M,R,F)


nomnom25.jpg You feast on opponent's flesh, regaining x Energy.
HandMirror25.jpg 1 XP
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