Call The Swarm


Image calltheswarm.jpg
Description A powerful etheric attack
Chain 7
Type Etheric
Attribute Will
Special Deals 12 base damage with Eclipse

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally -
You make a beckoning gesture towards <your opponent>, but nothing seems to happen.
While Etheric 12 Lose 1 turn of Etheric
You makes a beckoning gesture at <opponent>. Spiders pour out of <opponent>, tearing wounds and biting him for <X> damage.
While Etheric and with blood of the ancients 18 Lose 1 turn of Etheric
Takes priority over infested suit.
You gesture at <opponent> and whisper in a forgotten tongue. Black stone spiders the size of a fist rip their way out of <opponent> from the inside, dealing X damage.
While Etheric, and in full infested containment suit 17 Lose 1 turn of Etheric
You go limp as the spiders pour out of your containment suit. Once freed, they swarm over it for x damage.


Sometimes, while resting:

After a few minutes resting, your body is wracked with painful spasms and you cough up a handful of gore crawling with tiny spiders.

(And, if etheric:)
For a moment, you can see through their eyes, along with the eyes of dozens more still crawling within your flesh, slowly being consumed by your body.

You learned a new Technique: Call the Swarm

Using a spider drone memory while Etheric, after having seen the mysterious signature in drone memories can give this technique, if you already know at least 1 instance:

There's a few strange patterns in the code you can't quite explain. It's like a subtle signature. You've seen it across dozens of drones, but it jumps out at you now. It's almost… musical. The more you think about it, the closer you feel to the swarm, the more you can feel tiny shapes moving inside your body.


Those spiders seem to have injected something into your foe's body. You extract it with the sampler.

  • With a spider nest equipped this technique will give you 5-8 energy of Nest Keeper at the end of combat for every time you have used it in that combat or had it used against you. (See Nest Keeper for full details — exact mechanics unknown.) This seems to cancel getting the sampler effect too or it just has a small chance and I was unlucky.

Their work complete, the spiders crawl back into the nest you carry.

You've gained X energy of Nest Keeper.

Used By (Opponents)

Herald of Fire
Horrific Spider
Slags Guard (infested)

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