Calm Section



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

You find a strangely calm section of the cave. A path leads further down nearby, but the entire area seems to be open to wander freely.

Summary of Choices

  1. Explore deeper - Unlocks Bottom Section
  2. Look for loot - Get 2-4 of: bloody shirt, bloody pants, riot baton, etheric focus, disturbing canvas, hooked chain
  3. Look for trouble - Fight 2 ghouls
  4. Take a nap - Gain 40? HP and 5 Energy of Pep in your Step

Choice Text and Results

Explore deeper

You find even deeper sections of the cave. It seems hotter down here and you can even see literal lakes of fire in the distance.

Faintly lit by the lakes, you can see a white wall in the distance.

(Only occurs once?)

Look for loot

Poking around this quiet section of cave you find a strange collection of items. Most, you can't even discern the purpose of, but a few look familiar.

You found: 2-4 of bloody shirt, bloody pants, riot baton (2x as often), etheric focus, disturbing canvas, hooked chain

Look for trouble

Well, look for trouble and you'll find it. A pair of ghouls prowl near your strangely calm area.

(Fight 2 ghouls)

Take a nap

You curl up in a corner for a nap. It takes a while to doze off, but nothing disturbs you.

You wake up feeling surprisingly refreshed.

You regain 40 hit points!

You've gained 5 energy of Pep in your Step.

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