Can't Keep His Eyes Open



Encounter Conditions

Halloween 2018, eventually

Initial Text

A student wanders up to you, barely containing a yawn. "Man, I need a pick-me-up, you got some Eclipse or fucking Nova or something?"

"Can't hunt the living dead and… cursed wolf people if I can't keep my eyes open."

Summary of Choices

  1. A story - Information
  2. A fistful of Eclipse (with Eclipse) - lose some Eclipse
  3. Some Nova (with Nova) - lose 1 Nova
  4. Death - Fight Hipster
  5. Leave him be - Walk Away

Choice Text and Results

A story

"Alright, as long as its not a node poem."

You try to tell him a spooky story, but it just doesn't quite land. He passes out halfway through. Ouch.

A fistful of Eclipse

"Hell yeah! Don't have to worry about being tired when you're already sleepwalking, am I right?"

He accepts the Eclipse with gusto and pops one immediately.

Some Nova

"Hell yeah!" He immediately snorts the Nova.

"No sleep! No sleep! Don't need to sleepwalk when you don't need to sleep!"


He doesn't seem to appreciate your solution for never needing to sleep again, looking for any way out.

(Fight Hipster)

Leave him be

You leave him be, eventually hearing soft snores.

(Walk Away)

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