Candy Bargain



Encounter Conditions

During Halloween 2011, if you haven't "attacked aggressors"

Initial Text

Across the Quad, you can hear a man hawking candy for some sort of fundraiser. "One piece for twenty three credits! It's a bargain! I've only got ten left, so get them while you can!"

Meanwhile, two students in mohawks and faux leather heckle him loudly, on topics varying from his parentage to descriptions of vile things they've done with the candy he's selling. They don't seem intent on hurting him, but it wouldn't surprise you if it came to that.

Summary of Choices

  1. Attack the aggressors
  2. Attack the salesman
  3. Buy a candy
  4. Buy him out
  5. Press for details
  6. Kill them all!
  7. Leave them be

Choice Text and Results

Attack the aggressors

You jump in to fight the punks. They stumble backwards, apparently shocked someone is standing up to them.

Fight two Punk Students

Upon winning:
The student you saved shakes your hand. "I really appreciate that. Here… umm, have some candy. I think that's all I can handle today anyway."

You found: 2 Midgard candy poppers, 2 Punk Jackets

Attack the salesman

You jump in between the punks and the other man. He sighs in relief, giving you all the time you need.

Fight one Hipster

Buy a candy


You send over 23 credits and the student hands you a piece of candy, flashing a smile that looks a bit out of place on his frown-creased face.

The punks glower at you and the other student as you complete the transaction. Heh heh. This will be extra tasty.

You found: Midgard candy popper

You've earned 2 XP in Will

Adds 25 credits to the Emerald Gift Halloween Fund

Buy him out

You send over enough credits for the whole stack, which is gleefully presented to you. He adds "now I can get another bucket!" and slips off across the Quad.

The punks fume silently as you go through the transaction, but that'll just make the candy extra tasty.

You found: 10 Midgard candy poppers

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Adds 250 credits to the Emerald Gift Halloween Fund

Press for details

The punks begin talking immediately, saying "this jackass <is trying to/helped> bring back Emerald Gift, that stupid hipster whisper trash band!" and "Yeah, screw them!" respectively.

The other student clutches his candy protectively. "They're just jealous the Emerald Gift has such a loyal fanbase!"

His features brighten bit. "You should help too, you'd love them, I can tell."

And, if you don't yet have Jess as a contact:

He fiddles with his comm for a moment and yours beeps in response.

You've gained a new contact: Jess


"Don't horn in on my territory, though," he nods seriously, "you shake anybody down for candy sales here, there'll be hell to pay."

The punks cover their mouths to stifle laughter, but it's hard to tell if they're trying not to laugh with him or at him.

"Just find Jess. You know, the girl who's been trying to sell the same four books since last semester? Tell her you want to help bring Emerald Gift here!" He looks at you expectantly as you back away.

Kill them all!

You charge into their midst. After they get over the initial shock, they form an unlikely, if probably temporary, alliance.

Fight two Punk Students and one Hipster

Leave them be

You leave them to their silliness and continue along the Quad. After all, it's no concern of yours.

See Walk Away

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