Candy Reaper



Encounter Conditions



You see a robed figure making her way confidently through the party. She carries an elaborate scythe in her skeletal arm and, if it weren't Halloween, would present quite the horrifying sight.

and if you helped out some?
Yvonne smiles subtly and nods towards you. "Thanks for the help."

and if you helped out a ton?

or if you helped out a good amount?
Yvonne smiles crookedly as she makes her way towards you. "Well, well, well. I'm so glad you could make it!"

of if you helped very little?

And, with no costume:

She stops to look around the crowd "glad that so many people embraced the theme. Fuck people telling you what cyberware you can get."

She wanders off, leaving you alone to observe the crowd.

You've earned 3 XP in Perception

With an classy candy bowl equipped:

She drops some candy in your extended bowl. "Happy Halloween!"

You found: 1-2 of candy corn, ?

You've earned 3 XP in Will

With a green treat bucket/university funding bucket equipped:

She drops some candy in your extended bucket. "Happy Halloween!"

You found: 1 of candy eyeball, ?

You've earned 3 XP in Will

And, if you were a good helper?

She smiles again and hands you a little more candy, saying "a little something extra!"

You found: 1-2 of: candy eyeball, candy corn, mellow pumpkin others?

Or, if it is a costume she's seen you in already this year:

She looks you over again. "Still a nice costume."

You've earned 3 XP in Will

Otherwise, one of the following messages, depending on the costume you are wearing. You get one caramel apple per costume per year, otherwise she give the message above. They are all followed with:

She produces a caramel apple from the chest she's carrying and hands it to you.

You found: caramel apple

Outfit Parts req. Message
Achromatic 5 She looks you over, wide eyed. "Wow. That's just amazing."
Bum Outfit (requires 4 pieces) 4 She looks over your outfit, sighing. "Whether that's a costume or not, take this."
Bum Outfit+gore? 5? She chuckles a little at your costume. "I dunno, I feel like there needs to be a zombie versus skeleton faction war. Once we finish off the vampires of course."
Catering Disguise 2 She gives you a strange look. "Heh. Works for me."
Clubber 3 She frowns at you, "you're supposed to wear a… oh, that's your costume, isn't it? Uh… sorry. Good costume!"
Construction Worker 4 She looks you over and shrugs. "Can't go wrong with the classics, I guess."
Containment Suit 3 She looks you over, nodding. "Not sure I ever told you, but the Incident screwed up a lot of kids. Myself included," she taps her skeletal arm with a flesh finger.

"So you might just win scariest costume."
Doctor 3 She looks you over, nodding. "Spooky, but needs a little something. Maybe I've just been in too many hospitals."
Doctor+gore 4 She looks you over, nodding enthusiastically. "That's the spirit! Spooky bastards."
Magical Princess 2 She chuckles at your outfit. "Not nearly enough princesses with cyberware out there. Maybe that can be my costume next year."
Midgard Security 4 She glares at your outfit. "Scary enough, just make sure nobody tries to treat you like a pinata."
Moleman* 3 She looks over your outfit, sighing. "Whether that's a costume or not, take this."
Mummy 3 She looks you over, nodding. "Can't go wrong with the classics, I guess. Unless those are surgical bandages, in which case you need to remember to schedule your appointment at least a day out."
Office Worker 4 She cocks her head to the side a bit. "I'm not saying I want to punch you, but if you get punched, I'm sorry."
Punk 3 "Hey, welcome to the party… that's a costume isn't it? Well played."
Sailor's Uniform 3 She nods looking at your costume and sighs. "I wonder how many honest jobs will be costumes by the time Midgard's done with them… sorry, sorry. Great costume, I'm just a downer."
Sea Hunter 4 She looks over your costume. "Huh, can't say I know it, but I do know there's a company in Oceania trying to make cybernetic shark teeth that actually regrow. Just saying."
Sentai 3? She looks you over and smirks. "I remember when they tried to push this. Wearing around the corpse of their failed marketing projects, muah, perfect."
Third Eye Hunter 4 She looks you over and claps. "Third Eye! Well done and relevant!"
Valentine Killer 6 She looks over your outfit with obvious admiration. "Wow. I'm just glad it's Halloween. That's spot on Valentine Killer. Incredible."
vampire cape or vampire shirt, with gore 2 She looks over your costume with a nod. "Can't go wrong with the classics. I'd joke not to go around drinking anyone's blood but… well, actually don't go around drinking anyone's blood. Unless they're into it, then party on."
Vigilante 2 She looks over your costume with a broad grin. "Great Vigilante costume. Wish he'd taken out more of the real criminals, but somebody's got to smash in faces."
wolfman mask+gore/
distorted wolfman mask+gore
2 She looks over your costume with a nod. "Nice wolfman. If you're feeling full time, I'm sure we could find a proper head for you. Some of them even enhance scent. Super cool stuff."
skeletal cyberarm, skeletal cyberleg, exposed skull (overrides other costume results first time?) 3? She passes her scythe across her body and raises her skeletal arm to give you a high five. "Hell yeah, skeletons unite."

Gore effects include:

* Writhing flesh not required.

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