Caramel Bar


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Description Technically, the "Zaibatsu Hightech Super Caramel Bar," everyone just calls them caramel bars. Hightech Super or no, they're pretty delicious and extremely sugary.
Type Food
Requires 2 Hunger
Use You savor the delicious caramelness one bite at a time, then check the wrapper for any extra delicious that may have escaped.

And, sometimes*:
You scan the promo code with your comm as the sugar rush sets in.

And, first time in a run*, with PDA equipped:
There's a little Net link at the bottom to redeem the codes.
Multi You try to savor the caramel bars, you really do. There were just so many of them. And once you ate the first one and the sugar rush came in, it was like you were capable of eating faster than you were thinking.

And, sometimes*:
You scan the codes with your comm as the sugar rush sets in.
Effects Gives 4-5 Energy
You've gained 4 energy of Sugar Rush.
You found: Cyberbowl promo code (sometimes*)
You've gained access to a new site: Cyberbowl Promo Store (first time only)


Buy from the University Bookstore in Metroplex U for 10 credits each
Buy from the Cyberbowl Promo Store in Metroplex U for 10 Cyberbowl promo codes each
Drops from Dancer
Drops from Drunken Challenger
Drops from Drunken Dancer
Drops from Hollow Monstrosity
Using boar pinata
Using pinata
Using megapinata
Using candy grab bag
Encounter: Midgard Laboratory: Lab Locker Room
Encounter: Midgard Laboratory: Back Down with the Living
Encounter: The Quad: Scavenging (Gang Warfare)
Encounter: Tainted Shoreline: Command Guidance System (Shoreline)
Encounter: Various Halloween Trick or Treating
Encounter: HQ Lobby: Grab mail from Lobby Mailroom/Abandoned Mailroom.
No longer: Oldos Hacking: Reroute shipment on an Consumer Goods website.


*Always gives you a promo code if you have found a promo code from Shared Files at least once this run. The first time you do this with a PDA equipped, you also get a link to the promo code site.

Break a Caramel Bar into some Cookie Dough
Learn recipe from Baking, Vol. 2.
Caramel Bar Cookie Dough
= 4-6 Caramel Chip Cookies
Melt a Caramel Bar into an Ancient Candybar
Caramel Bar Ancient Candybar
= Chocolate
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .04 Goods
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