Caramel Chip Cookie


Image chipcookie1.jpg
Description Studded with chocolate-covered flakes of caramel, this cookie promises an explosion of sweetness.
Type Food
Requires 1 Hunger
Use You eat the cookie, taken back by the astonishing sweetness.
Multi You eat cookie after cookie. After a while, you stop being able to taste the sweetness, but the rush remains.
Effects Gain 2-3 Energy
You've gained 10 duration of Sugar Rush.


Break a Caramel Bar into some Cookie Dough
Learn recipe from Baking, Vol. 2 or from experimentation.
Caramel Bar Cookie Dough
= 4-6 Caramel Chip Cookies


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .04 Goods
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