Cascading Techniques

Some techniques can be enhanced when they are used right after several other techniques in a chain. See technique forms for details.

List of Cascading techniques

Technique Enhanced if following:
Blazing Torch Any 2 Fire
Clustered Shot Any 2 Ranged
Metal Sting Any 2 Evasion
Raven's Eyes* Any 2 Ranged, Fire, Etheric, Stealth, or Ragged Dodge-Tendrils
Red Metal Gaze* Any 3 Science
Serpent Strike* 2, 3 or 4 of: Serpent Pattern, Striking Shield, Shield Block, Sudden Bash
Shape Flames Any 2 Fire
Shield Block* 2: Serpent Pattern, Striking Shield
Sudden Bash* 2 or 3 of: Serpent Pattern, Striking Shield, Shield Block
Tumbling Key 2 of charm techniques
Zip Shot Any 2 Melee

* These techniques have additional requirements

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