Catburgling On The Catwalk



Encounter Conditions

Must have returned the deteriorating shipment or the waterlogged handcannon to the arms dealer.
Must have subsequently used warehouse inventory.
If you've gotten in the office, the Supervisor's Office encounter shows up instead.

Initial Text

You make your way up on to the catwalk overlooking the warehouse. There's not much up here and only one door, which must be the manager's office you read about.

It looks like a normal faux-wood polysteel door, but it doesn't flex like polysteel when you press on it. Probably some kind of hardened plastic.

There's a card reader to the left of the door for legitimate access, which might be your best bet.

Summary of Choices

  1. Swipe worker's ID - Unlocks Spying on the Supervisor
  2. Swipe supervisor's ID
    1. (Leads to Supervisor's Office)
  3. Set some dynamite - something happens
  4. Crack open the card reader - (with Electrical kit equipped): without frayed cable and signal analysis circuit, examine card reader, or otherwise, bypass the reader and:
    1. Head in
      1. (Leads to Supervisor's Office)
    2. Admire your work - gain 6 Will XP
    3. Leave it for now - Walk Away
  5. Toss some Nitro - Fight 2 Midgard Security, unlocks office
  6. Blast it with NitroX - Take minor damage, unlocks office
  7. Batter the door - Unlock the office if you have a sledge hammer and 20+ Strength, otherwise fight security
  8. Head back downstairs - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Swipe worker's ID

You swipe the worker's ID. There's a loud buzz and a small red light appears on the card swipe.

Hmm. This card must not have the access you need. Maybe there's someone higher ranking with one.

(Unlocks Spying on the Supervisor)

Batter the door

You slam your weight into the door for a while, but all you manage to do is give yourself a couple of deep purple bruises.

Whatever the door's made of, it's wicked strong. You might be able to crack the lock with a hammer, but your best bet is probably explosives or convincing it to open.

You take 6 damage.

You've earned 2 XP in Strength

(or with a battered hammer equipped or the Hammer's Sledge with insufficient Strength)

You beat around the door handle with your hammer, but a pair of guards responds to the noise before you make any real progress.

(Fight 2 Midgard Security)

(or with The Hammer's Sledge/building hammer equipped and 20+ Strength?)

You slam at the door with your hammer a couple times, slowly splintering the plastic of the door away from the lock.

As you land the last blow, a pair of guards rushes up the catwalk, guns drawn.

(Fight 2 Midgard Security, and gain 4 extra Strength XP)
(Unlocks Supervisor's Office in the future, win or lose)

Swipe supervisor's ID

(See Supervisor's office)

Set some dynamite


You push a stick of dynamite firmly against the bottom of the door, light it and run. The explosion attracts several security personnel, who you can faintly hear laughing and talking among themselves.

Even from your vantage point below the catwalk, it's obvious the dynamite didn't have enough kick to destroy the door. You'll need something a bit more powerful.

Break open the card reader

With Electrical kit equipped.


You crack open the card reader easily enough. It looks familiar somehow.

Anyway, it should be easy enough to rig a bypass from some frayed cable and a signal analysis circuit. You're not sure where you learned that exactly, but you hope it wasn't some spy TV show. They never get anything right.

You've earned 3 XP in Perception

second time, and/or with frayed cable and signal analysis circuit

You crack into the card reader next to the door and rig together a simple bypass from some bent cable and a signal analysis circuit. If anyone checks the door, it'll be fairly obvious it's unlocked. But the card reader should still beep and flash the correct lights when someone swipes a card, so it could go unnoticed for a long time.

Head in

(See Supervisor's Office)

Admire your work

Yup. You did one hell of a good job on that door. Nobody will notice for days, if not longer.

You've earned 6 XP in Will

Leave it for now

Walk Away

Toss some Nitro

You stand back a short distance and lob a vial of Nitro at the door. It explodes with a resounding boom, echoing through the warehouse.

Your ears are ringing so badly you don't hear the guards until they start shooting at you.

(Fight 2 Midgard Security)
(Unlocks Supervisor's Office in the future, win or lose)

Blast it with NitroX

You stand back a short distance and lob a vial of NitroX at the door. A ball of flame rises up, leaving the door in a melted pile and threatening to consume a pile of crates on the warehouse floor below.The flames scorch you, but the responding guards are more concerned with putting out the fire than preventing you from slipping away.

You take 1-4 damage.

(Unlocks Supervisor's Office in the future)

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