Catch Reflection


Image HandMirror50.jpg
Description Catch a target's reflection in the hand mirror
Chain 5
Type None
Attribute None
Special Only functions with the Antique Hand Mirror equipped

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally -
You try to catch <opponent>'s reflection but you don't have a mirror handy.
With antique hand mirror equipped -
You catch <opponents>'s reflection in your hand mirror.


Winning a battle with the antique hand mirror equipped, and not using Catch Reflection during the combat.


Winning a battle while using this technique with the antique hand mirror equipped will result in the Mirror Gazing skill (first time only) and the following message (each time):

Dark shapes flit around under the surface of your hand mirror.

You can "store" reflections in the mirror, and use the skill to release them for various results (see skill page for details). Only one reflection per opponent is stored each combat (even if you use the technique multiple times against it), but you can get one reflection from each opponent during a multi-opponent battle if you use the Catch Reflection on each of them.

If you have an anniversary pocket mirror equipped, and have previously captured at least 4 of the same opponent that you are currently capturing, it counts as if you had captured that opponent twice, and appends the following line to the end of combat:

The reflection and its endless collection of twins swirl in your hand mirror.

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