Cell Block



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

You find your way to a dilapidated corner of the complex. It doesn't seem to be old, exactly, just damaged repeatedly without anyone bothering to fix it up.

Between the strange scratches like claw marks and burns like acid, there is a series of doors. It's hard to say exactly what they're made of… maybe a high-end plastic, but they're solid.

The locks look simple and mechanical, but built to withstand a lot of abuse. That doesn't explain the wiring running up the side of each door, though.

Summary of Choices

  1. Open a door - With MSPSSP Key Open the door, otherwise 2 XP in Perception
  2. Melt a lock - If you have fuming acid or aqua regia in inventory open the door, otherwise gain 4 XP Perception and/or 6 XP Will
  3. Investigate the wiring - If you have electrical kit equipped gain 5 XP Perception or 2-3 of circuit fragments, frayed cable, optical sensor, thick cabling
  4. Download footage - If you investigated the wiring and a computer equipped gain Southside lab footage
  5. Leave it - Walk Away

Choice Text and Results

Open a door

With a MSPSSP Key in inventory:

The keys turns easily inside the cell door. At first, the inhabitants of the cell push back, trying to disappear into the walls or floor.

A few moments later, they realize you're not a guard and run out towards freedom.

Well, worst case scenario, they should at least provide a bit of a distraction for you.


You unlock the door, finding a disheveled man crouching in the far corner. Without warning, tentacles tipped with vicious stingers unfold from his back.

He springs over you and in to the darkness. Thankfully he either wasn't interested in you… or perhaps he was grateful.

You can already hear the distant screams of guards, however.


You try a couple different keys, then out of frustration start shoving random objects into the lock. None of it works.

You spend a little time considering how it's ironic that companies have gone back to physical security now that everyone's focused on hacking.

You've earned 2 XP in Perception

Melt a lock

(Without any of the following)

You stare at the door for a long while, but can't come up with anything you might be carrying that could melt through that lock. A few quick whacks at it reveal it's incredibly tough, though.

You're not even sure a blowtorch would cut through it… maybe some kind of crazy strong acid.

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

You've earned 6 XP in Will

With a utility blowtorch

You go to town on the lock with your blowtorch. It takes a steady hand and you eventually have to stop when your hands cramp up.

The lock's hot to the touch, but it doesn't seem to have gotten any softer. You're simultaneously glad you don't have to make armor out of it and conscious that it would probably make pretty good armor.

You've earned 4 XP in Reflexes

With powerful acid in inventory

You pour a flask of acid over the lock, then wait while it hisses and bubbles. In spite of your patience, the acid doesn't seem to have put a dent in the lock.

Whatever the door's made out of, it'll take something a bit more powerful than that to do the trick.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

With fuming acid

Your flask of fuming acid eats through the lock quickly, leaving it in a puddle in front of the door.

(and then one of two messages below)

With aqua regia

The aqua regia melts through the lock in moments, leaving no trace except a puddle on the floor.

(and then one of two messages below)

One message:


The door swings open, revealing a terrified man who could be any one of a dozen bums from Southside Park. He stops for a moment to grab your shoulder and give a manic, toothless grin.

Then he's off, presumably to find either an exit or retribution.

Another message:


After a few quick tests, you manage to burn through the lock with some of your fuming acid. It bubbles away, leaving a trail of molten plastic running to the floor.

As you admire your handiwork, the door swings open and a figure darts past into the complex as a whole. You didn't get a great look, but you're fairly sure he had three long tentacles, each tipped with a vicious stinger like a scorpion's tail.

(Unlocks mutated bum combat)

Investigate the wiring

You take a look over the wiring. It's not terribly complex so you sit down for a minute to puzzle it out.

It looks like it carries a video feed out of the cell. There's a small buffer that you could probably get a short clip of footage from, without even accessing the main site, as long as you had a computer handy.

This particular one is pretty trashed, so you go ahead and put the cover back on. Thankfully, nobody seems to have noticed your exploration.

You've earned 5 XP in Perception

(Subsequent times)

You're already pretty clear on what this wiring does, but the parts are still good. You harvest some and head on your way.

You found: 2-3 of circuit fragments, frayed cable, optical sensor, thick cabling

Download footage (if you have successfully investigated the wiring)

You connect your computer to the cells electronics and manage to download its buffered video. It's not a long clip, but there might be something interesting in it.

You found: Southside lab footage

Leave it

You just walk away. No harm, no foul, right?

See Walk Away

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