Cellar Door Bouncer



Encounter Conditions

Always on first attempt to enter The Cellar Door. Note; leaving and rendering this area will trigger this again; however you can stay in the Cellar Door over rollover (midnight) and you do not need to pass him again

Initial Text

You make your way through the cellar door, which conveniently is also the name of the club, and see a long, snaking line ending with a man wearing a twisted demonic mask… or perhaps with cybernetic work so extensive he looks rather inhuman.

Judging by his suit and the style he's wearing it, he's probably the place's bouncer. He waves in folks one or two at a time, so it's probably a bit of a wait.

The rest of the line seems similarly modified, with inhuman eyes or metal spikes being the least of the changes and some looking even more inhuman than him.

And, if you have salvaging tools or electrical kit equipped:

A woman exiting the club, with some augmentation that seems to make her partially transparent, looks down at the tools you're carrying as she passes. "Nobody loves tinkering like us, just be careful you don't get into any fights with that or people will think you're looking to pull cyberware."

She fixes you with a stare for another moment before leaving you to the line.

Summary of Choices

  1. Walk through - Enter The Cellar Door with counterculture cyberware, bone spikes, bone scales or Ocean's Touch
  2. Threaten him - Enter The Cellar Door with 10+ Etheric Power
  3. Attack him - Fight Demonic Bouncer
  4. Walk out - Walk Away

Choice Text and Results

Walk through

The bouncer gives you a look over and clicks his tongue, moving to block your path. "No corp poseurs. You get yourself some real cyberware or get out."

Looking over the rest of the patrons, you see a lot of extreme body modifications, the sorts that would get you kicked out of a corporate job. It's something worth considering as you make your way back to the street.

Or, with any counterculture cyberware installed, or bone spikes or bone scales active:

The bouncer gives you a look over and waves you through.

(Allows access to the rest of The Cellar Door.)

Or, with Ocean's Touch:

The bouncer gives you a look over, then leans closer to inspect your skin. "Nice scales. Super fucking realistic."

(Allows access to the rest of The Cellar Door.)

Threaten him

The bouncer gives you a look over, then yawns at sends you to the back of the line.

Or, with 10+ Etheric Power:

The bouncer gives you a look over and seems to want to say something, but buckles under your gaze. He waves you in, earning a few "do your jobs!" and even an archaic "you call yourself a man?" as he lets through.

(Allows access to the rest of The Cellar Door.)

Attack him

The bouncer cracks his knuckles theatrically as you approach.

(Fight Demonic Bouncer)

Walk out


Like thousands of others before you, you suddenly realize you have something better to do with your time than waiting in line for a club.

(Walk Away)

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