When you are choosing what Techniques you are using in combat, you can always use a single Technique. You can also add more Techniques to it in a Chain.

Each Technique has a chain number. The chain number is an approximate representation of the distance you are from your opponent, ranging from 0 (right up close, sometimes literally eating your opponent) to 9 (as far back as possible with a long sniper shot). Starting from a Technique, you can chain additional techniques, going either up or down for as long as you have appropriate chain numbers. You can't change direction in mid-Chain.

For example, if you have a:

you can make a chain of 3-4-5 (Punch - Dive for Cover - Single Shot), or 5-4-3 (Single Shot - Dive for Cover - Punch), but can't go 5-3 or 5-5.

This may sound complicated, but try it out, it's pretty intuitive.

See the techniques page for which techniques exist and their chain numbers.

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