Chained Ghoul


Image Chain-Ghoul.jpg
Combat Name The ghoul
HP 40
Stats Perception: 10
Reflexes: 10
Strength: 10
Will: 10
Power Melee: 7
Defense Melee: 7
Ranged: 7
Fire: 7
Etheric: 7
Stealth: 7
Hidden Flags Chain Weapon, Twisting Chains, Ghoul
Awards 5 XP
You found: ghoul teeth (sometimes?, with Myers sampling kit equipped)
You found: mad surgeon's kit (sometimes, but only if you've seen a ghoul with a medical kit in a disturbing canvas)
You found: bloody pants (sometimes, but probably only if you've seen a ghoul with bloody clothing on a canvas)
You found: drenched pants (sometimes, but never at same time as bloody pants)
You found: hooked chain (sometimes)
You found: pitted chain (sometimes)


The The charnel house (reopened) during The Missing Artist quest, if you had used a disturbing canvas and seen the painting of a ghoul menacing the artist with a hooked chain.


Technique Chain Power Dam Type Notes
Loop Chain 0 19-20 -20-29- Melee (normal)
'' 17-18 ? Melee (vs. evasion) ? evasion penalty
" 11 ? Melee (vs. melee)
Ghoul Bite 1 12 12-21- Melee
Leap 2 ?-13-16-? Evasion (M,R)
Ceiling Crawl 3 >12 Evasion (M)
Chain Bite 3 17 17-27- Melee sometimes doesn't do damage
Drop Down 4 15 15-23- Melee (normal)
'' 16-22 -22-32- Melee (following Chain Bite)
Shadowy Chain 5 19 19-20- Etheric
'' None (with ??? Will?)
Solidified Chain 6 22-23 -23-29- Etheric
'' None (with ??? Will?)

The chained ghoul has some amount of Restrain - possibly just Loop Chain, or possibly always active. Needs spading.

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