Chance Of Choice Encounters


This bonus, surprisingly, increases the chance of choice encounters.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Chance Of Choice Encounters Bonuses

+2 abstract domino mask w/Hide Your Decisions
+1 investigator's hat, navigator's glasses
+2 prototype coat w/Mysterious Investigator
+1 feathered cloak, prototype coat w/Confused Loner
+1 elegantly torn pants* w/Charred Patch & (Black Silver Patching or Shiny Patching)
+1 shifting maze
Programs - requires a computer as gadget (P, M cost)
+1 ad spider (1,3)
+2 Blue Eyes, Energetic Story, Forked Path
+1 Dark Wind1, Decision Maker, Guiding Wind1, Soft Wind1

* See item for additional bonuses or restrictions
1 Mutually exclusive effects

See chance of encounters for how this bonus effects your adventuring.

See also: chance of combat encounters, chance of PVP encounters, chance of noncombat encounters, chance of etheric encounters.

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