Chance Of Encounters

Whenever you adventure in a location, you can encounter a combat, choice encounter or non-combat. If you get a choice encounter, depending on the option you choose, it can either lead to a walk away, a fight or what effectively is a non-combat encounter. Many encounters are specially flagged, such as only showing up when you are (not) Etheric, or only when you have a fishing pole equipped, or any number of other conditions. Although conditions could be anything, the following are common enough to make their own category:

Type Shorthand Notes
Combat BrassKnuckles25.jpg [[image images/BrassKnuckles25.jpg]] See chance of Combat Encounters
Noncombat Peace-Patch.jpg [[image images/Peace-Patch.jpg]] See chance of Noncombat Encounters
Choice defaultitem.jpg [[image images/defaultitem.jpg]] See chance of Choice Encounters
PvP LeatherJacket.jpg [[image images/LeatherJacket.jpg]] See chance of PvP Encounters
Hacking PDA.jpg [[image images/PDA.jpg]] See chance of Computer Encounters
Etheric Eclipse.jpg [[image images/Eclipse.jpg]] See chance of Etheric Encounters
Non-etheric coffee.jpg [[image images/coffee.jpg]]
Mining miningpick.jpg [[image images/miningpick.jpg]] See chance of Mining Encounters
Fishing fishingpole.jpg [[image images/fishingpole.jpg]] See Fishing
Halloween jack-o-lanturn.jpg [[image images/jack-o-lanturn.jpg]] See Halloween
Christmas ChristmasTree25.jpg [[image images/ChristmasTree25.jpg]] See Christmas

Chance of encounters

NOTE: Most of the following is not tested very thoroughly, and seems to break down at higher levels. Needs more testing.

The chance of you encountering a specific adventure is (or seems to be) determined as follows:

  • All encounters that you are eligible for are put in a "pool" (doesn't matter if they are choice, noncombat or combat encounters). One encounter is picked from the pool at random and is given to you.
  • Normally, one copy of each eligible adventure is put in the pool. However if you have a bonus chance of encounter, those encounters are put in the pool extra times so they are more likely to come up.
  • Some examples:
    • Adventuring with no chance of encounter bonus active means all encounter are equally likely.
    • Adventuring with the Forked Path effect active (+2 chance of choice ecounters), means that all choice encounters will be put in the pool an extra two times, for a total of three times, while all other encounters will be in the pool only once. Then a random encounter is drawn from the pool.
    • Adventuring with Black Ops HUD equipped (gives +1 to PVP encounters and +1 to combat encounters). So encounters that are neither PVP nor combat are put in the pool once, PVP encounters are put in the pool twice, combat encounters are put in the pool twice, and PVP encounters that are also combats are in the pool three times (one additional time for each bonus).
  • A more concrete example. Say you are adventuring in a zone with three choice encounters (C1, C2 and C3), one non-combat (N1), and two combat encounters (F1 and F2).
    • Without chance of encounter bonus your pool consists of: {C1, C2, C3, N1, F1, F2}, and one is picked randomly.
    • With +1 to combat encounters, the pool consists of {C1, C2, C3, N1, F1, F1, F2, F2}, and one is picked randomly, increasing the odds of a fight from 1/3 to 1/4.
  • Chance of encounter bonuses do not increase the chance of that encounter type by a specific percentage; it depends on the location and the distribution of the encounters in that location.
  • The number of additional encounters added to the pool corresponds to:
Modifier Increase
Slightly +1
Moderately +2
Impressively +3
Highly +4
Majorly +5
Greatly +6
Massively +7
Insanely +8
Ridiculously +9
Supremely +10
Supremely† +11
Supremely† etc.

†According to Kinak, the adjectives no longer change at this point, but the effect still increases.

  • A mislit hand will negate any chance of encounter effects.
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