Channeled Shot


Image channeledshot.jpg
Description An aberrant Ranged attack
Chain 8
Type Ranged
Attribute Will
Base Damage 4

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 4
You carefully breathe and focus before shooting <opponent> for <x> ranged damage.
Following Channel the Deep 8
Your shot follows the tendrils, arcing towards <opponent> for <x> ranged damage.
With a writhing gun equipped 7
The mass of writhing tendrils in your hand inexplicably hurls a bullet at <opponent> for <x> ranged damage.
With a writhing gun equipped, following Channel the Deep 11
The tendrils in your hand continue their path towards <opponent>, carrying a bullet forward like a bizarre mockery of a gun and slamming it into <opponent> for <x> ranged damage.


Using Channel the Deep with a writhing gun equipped

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