Channeling Matsuo


Image matsuo25.jpg
Description You're totally stoked after watching the last episode of Matsuo the Demon Slayer. The urge to cut things into bits with a sword is almost undeniable… and guns feel like a distant memory.
Hidden Flags Neural Effect
Effects +4 Melee Power
+4 Reflexes
-4 Ranged Power
-4 Ranged Defense


Matsuo finale (5-15 Energy)

Removed by

Installing Neuralware


  • Sometimes, after combat (using a sword and melee techs?):

Wow, what a rush. You totally feel just like Matsuo and it's awesome.

You learned a new Technique: one of: Leaping Dodge, Parry, Swordplay, Power Strike

+2 bonus Will XP with the replica sword equipped

You learned a new Technique: Demonslaying Blade

Used By (Opponents)

The Rag Man's More Powerful Ultimate Form
(Rag Man is confirmed not to have this)

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