Character Flags

See Hidden Flags for information on hidden interactions in the game.

This is an incomplete list of information that is known to be recorded about your character.

Description Value Duration
Started Mikhail's quest
- Showed Mikhail some Eclipse
- Talked to Lo at least once
- Showed Lo some Eclipse
- Unlocked dockside sewers
- Found sewer hideout
- Finished docks quest
- Showed Lo the encrypted PDA
- Explored Dr. Amundsen's office
- Telling Lo about the office
* Accepting quest to save David /
* Making Lo go save David
inc reset
Free run aways # daily
Talked to Zack at least once
- Asked Zack for your items at least once
inc reset
Number of gangers helped # reset/temp
Given bum a trenchcoat t/f reset/temp
Charged the burning barrel t/f reset
Received bat from friendly bum t/f reset
Received training from friendly bum at least once t/f reset
Punches thrown # reset
Gained Carlos contact t/f reset
Unlocked Little Eddie's Front Room t/f reset
Unlocked Little Eddie's Back Room t/f daily
Eaten Southside Paninis # daily
Using gang smuggler (for each hideout) t/f daily
Fishing skill # reset
Attracting fish with unearthly coin
- Got giant pike today
inc daily
Chess skill # reset
Talked to Squatter King once
- Accepted Docks Medicine quest
* Turned in medicine / * Sold medicine
Exploration of sewers # reset
Ask Carlos to introduce you t/f reset
Accepted quest to shakedown dock workers
- Shook down dock workers (#)
- Being told that you've shook down enough
inc reset
Guards killed in sewer hideout # reset
Depth explored in sewer hideout # reset/temp
Traded with mushroom guy for help t/f reset?/temp
Gained Dr. Thomas via eavesdropping t/f reset
Received shipment from Dr. Thomas t/f daily
Ran away from lake serpent t/f? reset?/temp
Hideout confusion (spiking Eclipse/fires) # reset
Explosive bullets used # reset
Gang Boss defeats (may be tied to the above flag instead) # reset
Killed gang boss /
* Tied gang boss
- Received PDA /
* Let boss go
alt reset
Gave Carlos some Eclipse t/f reset
Accepted Mikhail's reward /
* Declined Mikhail's reward
alt reset
Shot the Midgard Worker t/f reset
Unlocked Hidden Fishing Spot t/f daily
Rescued the Pursued Guard /
* Killed the Pursued Guard
alt reset
Attacked the Grateful Guard t/f daily
Distributed Eclipse to the Desperate Dockhand t/f reset
Distributed Eclipse to the Desperate Dock Guard t/f reset
Made an example of Crate Shipment t/f daily
Seen the front entrance to the Hall of Paintings t/f daily
Running away from skeletal rider t/f reset?/temp
Drinking orange juice sample yesterday t/f daily?
Paid the recommended donation t/f daily
Burning the forsaken moor # reset/temp
Paintings appreciated # reset
Attacked Art museum guide t/f reset
Flowers/vases gained # daily
First time seeing Abandoned Building (enter code) t/f reset
Gassed Thugs playing cards t/f reset
Electrocuted thugs t/f reset
Replaced bored thugs t/f reset
Paid off bored thugs t/f reset
Lured a guard away from the beaten man t/f reset
Used neural chips # daily
Rescued David /
* Killed David
alt reset
The Happy Hour bought a drink today t/f daily
The Happy Hour friendship # daily?
Number of Pool Games played # reset?
Drunk Third Eye let slip about the boiler room t/f reset
On quest to retrieve watch t/f reset
Sold crate to Slick Third Eye t/f reset
Won 50 cred off the Pool Shark t/f daily
Learned how to cheat in pool t/f reset
Learned Dave's name t/f reset
Totally own Dave at poetry t/f reset
Read about poetry on the net t/f reset
Started Problems on the Docks via quad t/f reset
Completed Problems on the Docks via quad t/f reset
Started Missing Artist quest t/f reset
Completed Missing Artist t/f reset
Type of music playing in the Everyday Disco # daily
Learned about disco ball t/f reset
Activated disco ball t/f daily
Selling the Happy Art Student Eclipse t/f reset
Got sketch from Happy Art Student t/f daily
Pool Shark on the run in the quad (tiredness) # reset
Killed the Horrible Poet t/f reset
Sold Eclipse to College Druggy t/f reset
Number of punks killed # reset
Bought books from Emily list reset
Supplied explosives to punks # reset
Asked Figure in Flames a bunch of questions list reset
Protest anger level on quad # reset
Learned about Dr. Myers t/f reset
Protesters beaten pool shark t/f reset
Protesters beaten professor (gang warfare) t/f reset
Seen Rowdy Crowd t/f reset
Talked to Dr. Myers t/f reset
Got sample for Dr. Myers t/f reset
Security called in computer lab t/f daily
Idling in the computer lab t/f daily/temp
Fought writhing masses in lab t/f daily
Learned stuff from Neglected bookshelf # reset
Made free coffee t/f reset
Talked to coffee machine guy about coding t/f reset
Talked to coffee machine guy about slags t/f reset
Antennas given to coffee machine guy # reset
Learned about Dr. Evans t/f reset
Penciled yourself in for Dr. Evans t/f reset
Gotten horrible black coffee today t/f daily
Started lost programmer quest
- given search script
- given filtering script
- given remote indexer
- remote command script
inc reset
Sushi recipes tried list reset
Attacking and failing to kill Boris t/f reset
Killing Boris t/f reset
Learned about the Testing Lab t/f reset
Asked corpse about buried treasure t/f reset/temp
Healed by Andrea /
- Helped by Andrea after healing
- Given first sample
- Given serum powder
inc reset
Give Andrea some Eclipse t/f reset
Given Andrea a sample t/f daily
Waiting on getting a sample back from Andrea t/f reset/temp
Oil Slick randomization list reset
Tried each of the oil slick options for Experienced Observer list reset
Poked the lab terminal at least once t/f reset
Recorded voice access at lab terminal (No longer possible?) t/f reset
Dismantled the lab terminal today t/f daily
Talked to lab workers about Eclipse t/f reset
Given eclipse to lab worker t/f reset
Unlocked Lab Locker Room t/f reset
Saved scientist on 4th floor t/f reset
Found S43 t/f reset
Tried to walk through the field t/f reset
Learned about Dr. Mira t/f reset
Attacked Dr. Mira t/f reset
Killed Dr. Mira t/f reset
Turned off field t/f reset
Carried off patient S43 t/f reset
| Asked Dr. Mira about project Huginn t/f reset
First Floor progress # reset/temp
Second Floor progress # reset/temp
Third Floor progress # reset/temp
Fourth Floor progress # reset/temp
Fifth Floor progress t/f reset
Unlocked Spider Nest t/f reset
Talked to scientists on 2nd floor once
- Talked to them about Dr. Johnson
inc reset
Watched Dr. Johnson
- Gave Dr. Johnson a hound
- Killed Dr. Johnson
inc reset

(more to come. See also Daily Activities and Use it or lose it)

t/f = true or false
inc = incremental (series of t/f)
alt = several alternatives
# = counter

daily - resets with rollover
reset - lasts the rest of this run
reset/temp - last the rest of this run unless you do something else to cancel it
perm - lasts across all runs

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