Charmed Chain


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Description It's common enough, even in Southside, to see jewelry decorated with small charms commorating important events: locations visited, crimes commited, battles fought in, children raised, or loved ones lost.

This certainly reminds you of those, but it's built on much larger scale. Unless the rich have started getting jewelry for their cars, it almost has to be intended for use as a weapon.

That said, it's hard to guess how it'd handle in combat without hands-on experience. On the bright side, once you figured it out, there's a decent chance nobody else would see it coming.

Something about the chain, though… its heft or the way it rattles like distant thunder… reminds you uncomfortably of the old tales of chain-bound ghosts and makes the dark stains in the charms' creases seem suddenly ominous.
Type Weapon
Hidden Flags chain weapon
Effects +2 Eclipse Duration
+4 Power when your target doesn't have a Technique


Zack's House of Coins, originally available in season 25 for two unearthly coins.


If you are Etheric (even low-level Etheric like Slags Poisoning) with this item equipped, your techniques are replaced by a new set. Some are in your deck by default; others are unlocked by defeating certain opponents (and possibly other things).

The techniques in your deck is determined by:


  • Killing certain opponents will add additional charms to the chain while you are Etheric. See below for unlock conditions.
    • For example, killing a ghoul adds Stabbing Charm to the pool of techniques for a few days(?).
    • Unlocked Chain can pull off these charms and turn them into physical items.
    • There can be a maximum of 3(?) charms on the chain at any given time?

After all the above are tabulated (there are additional complicating factors not fully known),

  • If 3 techniques are available, 5 of each is in your deck.
  • If 4 techniques are available, 4 of each is in your deck.
  • If 5 techniques are available, 3 of each is in your deck.
Chain Technique Unlocked by Type Attribute Base
chainfisht.jpg Chained Fist (default) Melee Strength 6
wrappingchain.jpg Wrapping Chain (default) Melee Reflexes 5 Restrain 2; Deals bonus damage when you can catch your opponent
snappingchain.jpg Snapping Chains with enough Stealth Power Stealth Strength 6 Breaks Tight Hold and deals additional damage.
swingingchain.jpg Swinging Chain (default) Evasion Reflexes 4 More effective when you have something to swing from
chainwithcharm.jpg Rattling Chain equipping any charm offhand Etheric Strength 10
stabbingchain.jpg Stabbing Charm defeating hound and ghoul opponents* Melee Reflexes 10 Eating Technique if not vs Evasion
tropicalchain.jpg Swimming Charm defeating some aquatic opponents* Evasion Will 4 Bonus vs. aquatic opponents
listeningcharm.jpg Flittering Charm defeating mushroomy opponents* Evasion (?) Reflexes 4 Bonus while underground
chainedspider.jpg Skittering Charm defeating spidery opponents* Etheric Reflexes 12
chainedkey.jpg Tumbling Key defeating Form of Chains Etheric Reflexes 10 Bonus following other chain techniques
thirdcharm.jpg Staring Charm defeating Etheric-affected and Etheric-inherent opponents, who don't fall into above categories* Etheric Will 8 Bonus vs. Etheric-effected opponents
skullcharm.jpg Skull Charm defeating humans who don't fall into above categories* Etheric Will 6 Bonus vs. Humans, not vs Rage

* see Opponents Testing for full specifics.

At the start of the fight, if you have a wolfskin belt equipped:

You feel the urge to hunt rise within you, but keep it chained.

Also, if you are Etheric, occasionally (needs spading — see discussion)

A terrible howling rises up around you, shaking the chain as it grows and wraps around itself. Somewhere in the seemingly endless chain, the links and charms gather into a humanoid shape.

(Fight the Form of Chains)

With the Unlocked Chain skill:

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.
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