Image Speakers.jpg
Type Defensive System

Responses to Targeted Batch

Function Message U Result
Offense 1 Not only does the chatterbox withstand your attack, it also shrieks out the exact details of your batch. ? +1 Chattering Drones
Offense ≥ 2 You put an end to the chatterbox's prattling, but not before it can shriek out the exact details of your incoming attack. ? Gain 1 XP, removes routine, +1 Chattering Drones
Offense ≥ 2, and ??? You sneak up on the chatterbox and put an end to its prattling before it can so much as squawk. It's surprisingly satisfying. ? Gain 3 XP, removes routine
Wideband Assault Your wideband assault drowns out the chatterbox's signal as you bring it down. 0 Gain 2 XP, removes routine
View This routine is designed to observe, as with any Watcher-type defense, but also rebroadcasts what it learns constantly. It's actually rebroadcasting the contents of your batch right now. 0 +1 Chattering Drones
The chatterbox inspects your batch with gusto and blares its contents out to the world. 0 +1 Chattering Drones

Active Responses

Every round:
Condition Message U Result
If ??? You manage to hide yourself from the chatterbox routine. 0
If ??? The chatterbox routine inspects your activities and broadcasts a report. That might become a problem. 0 +1 Chattering Drones


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