Check Your Pockets


Image karogo_pants_50.jpg
Description See if these pants have anything useful in them
Chain 4
Type None
Attribute None

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally -
You dig around in your pockets some.
With spacious cargo pants equipped, first time -
You pause for a moment to root around in your pockets. Hey a <something>! <message.>
With spacious cargo pants equipped, further uses* -
You toss aside the <previously found item> and root around in your numerous pockets. Hey, a <new item>! <message>
With elegantly torn pants equipped -
You stop for a moment to search through your pockets and smooth out the fashionable tears in your pants. Yeah, lookin' good.
With wispy hospital pants equipped -
You check your pockets for something useful, but the expired medication is gone the moment you take your eyes off of it. You don't remember swallowing it.
With no pants equipped -
You attempt to check your pockets, but fail utterly.
Gives one of the following at random. If you don't win the combat, you don't gain anything. Only the most recent item or technique found is awarded at end of fight if you checked multiple times.
Message Result Etheric?
Hey, a cred chip! A few extra creds can't hurt. You held onto: linty cred chip No
Hey, a bandage! That might come in handy. You held onto: serviceable bandage No
Hey, a chocolate bar! It's melted, but probably edible. You held onto: melted chocolate bar No
Hey, a tea bag! It looks like it might have another use left in it. You held onto: used tea bag No
Hey, a bullet! Maybe it's lucky. You learned a new Technique: Lucky Shot No
Hey, a bullet! The bullet's side reads 'Ginn' in sloppy, childish letters. You learned a new Technique: Bullet for Ginn Yes
Hey, a bullet! Someone's etched 'SURT' into its side with a blowtorch. You learned a new Technique: Bullet for Surt Yes
Hey, a bullet! It has 'YMIR' pressed into its casing. You learned a new Technique: Bullet for Ymir Yes
Hey, a knuckle bone! You might be wrong, but that seems like a strange thing to find in your pocket. You held onto: knuckle bone Yes
You pause for a moment to root around in your pockets. Huh, this lit stick of dynamite is probably a hallucination, but you toss it at <opponent> anyway. Becomes an instance of the Dynamite Technique against the target that even works while underwater. Yes


Wearing spacious cargo pants during combat (1/~10 turns), and not getting one of the end of combat results from using this technique. (Getting the dynamite result does not prevent learning a new instance of the technique.)


* The stick of dynamite result doesn't cause you to lose the item you are currently holding, if any.

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