Chemical Mixture


Image flamingmixture.jpg
Description Hurl flammable chemicals at your opponents!
Chain 5
Type Fire
Attribute Perception
Base Damage 6
Hidden Flags (Science Technique)
Special Deals additional damage at end of round.

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 6
You calmly toss a vial at <opponent>, engulfing it in flames that deal x damage and continue burning.

And, at the end of a round, it deals additional damage, where Y = [6 + your Fire Power - opponent's Fire Defense]:
The clinging mixture continues to burn <opponent> for Y damage.

Or, if Y is less or equal to zero:
The mixture clinging to <opponent> burns out before it can do any serious harm.
Vs. Evasion -
<Opponent> narrowly avoids your chemical mixture.
Vs. aquatic opponents -
You splash <opponent>, but it's washed off too quickly to have much effect.


Chemistry crafting under the effect of Red Lenses


The secondary "clinging" damage does not occur if the opponent is made of fire.

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