Having a Chemistry Lab in your dwelling.

If you have learned some experiments in a past life:

Memories of Experiments
Something about this seems strangely familiar.


Chemistry crafting under the following conditions can grant you benefits:
Condition Benefit
Red Lenses Chemical Mixture
ancient mortar and pestle equipped Grinding Mortar
Good Worker 1-2 Energy

If you uninstall your chemistry lab and then try to craft:

You need to have access to your chemistry lab to perform chemistry.


NOTE: This section is not up to date. Recipes by ID is not sorted by crafting type, but may be better maintained.

To discover most recipes, you must have the Experimental Chemistry skill and combine two chemistry components.

See chemistry ingredients for a list of experimental ingredients.

Discovering a new recipe gives this message:

> You mix the churning, bubbling chemicals and come away with your newest creation

Certain recipes cannot be discovered on your own, but must be learned in other ways. See footnotes for the source of any recipe that can (or can only) be learned in a non-standard way. If a recipe yields multiple products, this is noted in parentheses after the item name.

* Not kept over beta resets.
Yields 3-5 of shaman staff, warty toadstool, destroying angel, edible mushroom, large mushroom, delicious puffball, giant puffball, red toadstool

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