Chemistry Ingredients

The following items can be used in chemistry crafting to produce new devices.

Experimental Crafting

You can try combining two ingredients to produce new items:

Bolded items have no known use and need further investigating.


Learned Recipes

  • nitro - Process two sticks of dynamite into one vial of pure Nitro. (also through experimentation)
  • nitro - Dissolve a lake serpent sample in powerful acid to get some Nitro. Just don't drop it. (also through experimentation)

Quest Recipes (lost on reset)

  • agar powder - Reduce a clump of damp seaweed into agar powder.
  • caffeine and sugar - Process two Pep Pills down with some Powerful Acid.
  • caffeine powder - Reduce a cup of horrible black coffee into pure caffeine. You need the strong stuff, not just any coffee will do.
  • draught of breath - Condense two Fragile Puffballs using some Powerful Acid
  • eclipse whiskey - Heat a Bottle of Whiskey and dissolve three Eclipse in it
  • grain alcohol - Distill out the alcohol of one Whiskey Bottle
  • molotov cocktail - Rig some Refined Petrol up into a simple Molotov cocktail
  • polysteel - Break down an old surplus Riot Baton with some Powerful Acid
  • powerful acid - Convert a pile of sulfur into a flask of dangerous, but effective, acid.
  • powerful acid - Refine a flask of powerful acid from the remains of three partially digested fish.
  • slags antidote - Boil down two clumps of withered tendrils with liquified Eclipse to create an antidote to Slags poisoning.
  • sugary eclipse - Carefully filter an Eclipse through two Over/Unders from the Happy Hour
  • tendril drops - Process down some Withered Tendrils into soothing drops
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