Child Playing Solo



Encounter Conditions

Must have lured the crazy hermit into the flower field

Initial Text

In the mirror you can see a girl, happily playing among the trees. She's either singing loudly to herself or shouting happily, but you can't hear her in either case.

She seems to notice your reflection and barrels towards it, wrapping her arms around it in a quick hug, then returning to her games.

Summary of Choices

  1. Talk to her - Gain 10 or 30 energy of Child's Perspective.
  2. Play with her - Unlocks various Game options when certain conditions are met.
  3. Run around (Only after playing with her with a flower) Good - Gain 5 XP in Strength
  4. Play the square game (Only after playing with her with 2 flowers) - Gain 8 XP in Reflexes
  5. Play hide-and-seek (Only after playing with her with 3 flowers) Good - Nothing, or gain 1 XP in Strength and 5 XP in Will
  6. Give her a flower (With shards of reflected flowers) Good - Nothing or 60 or 100 energy of Child's Perspective.
  7. Leave her be - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Talk to her

She doesn't seem to care that you can't hear her, explaining everything about her young life boisterously, making enough sweeping gestures you can guess what she's trying to say. From what you can tell, the trees and the flowers are really exciting.

Even if you can't really understand her, her excitement and zest for life are infectious.

You've gained 10/30 energy of Child's Perspective.

Default/After giving her one reflected flower

Play with her

When she has no new games to teach you:

She tries to teach you a game, at least you think that's what she's trying to do, but she quickly gets bored and goes wandering off to play with an anthill.

Hmm, well, at least you get some quality anthill-watching time in.

You've earned 5 XP in Perception

After giving her a flower:

She attempts to explain the rules of a complex game to your reflection and, eventually losing patience, resorts to chasing you around instead. Well, that's a game, you suppose.

Unlocks "Run around" option

After giving her two flower:

She excitedly explains the rules for a game involving a strange pattern of squares drawn on the ground and a rock, then skipping. How peculiar.

You try it out a few times, skipping across the room and sending your reflection along the squares. She seems unimpressed at first, but eventually you get the hang of it.

Unlocks "Play the square game" option

After giving her three flowers:

Despite the fact that you can't hear each other, she manages to carefully explain the rules of "hide and seek." It helps that you, like anyone who's ever watched any children's television, already knows the rules.

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

Unlocks "Play hide-and-seek" option.

Run around (Good (1))

You rush back and forth in your room, letting her chase your reflection.

Whoo. That'll wear you out. She's either in really good shape, kids are endless dynamos of energy, or there's something weird about this mirror that's reflecting children that aren't there.

Probably all three, actually.

You've earned 5 XP in Strength

Play the square game

You draw the strange square pattern on the floor with your finger and your reflection does the same, to much better effect, in the forest mud. You challenge her to a multiround match of the bizarre, ever-changing square game.

It sounds weird, but it actually helps you develop your footwork a little.

You've earned 8 XP in Reflexes

Play hide-and-seek (Good (1))

First time:

You mime putting your hands over your eyes, the easiest way for your reflection to tell her it's time for hide and seek. She motions for you to start counting and wanders off.

You search high and low, looking for her in the forest, the flower beds, on the hill that pokes out of the forest, and through the forest again. It seems to take hours, combing over all of them, although the sun never seems to move in the sky.

Eventually, you spot a tiny opening beneath the tree's roots. Your reflection approaches it cautiously, finding her furious little face staring back out at you. She punches your reflection as high as she can reach on its arm and storms off. The matching area on your arm pinches a little, then reddens faintly.

That didn't go very well.

After the first attempt:

You mime putting your hands over your eyes, the easiest way for your reflection to tell her it's time for hide and seek. She insists you hide and starts counting.

You find a pretty good hiding spot and wait patiently. She does eventually find you though, like a little homing missile.

You've earned 1 XP in Strength

You've earned 5 XP in Will

Give her a flower (Good (2))

You push the flower against the glass, letting it pop through into your reflection's hand. She claps excitedly at the "magic trick" and puts the flower in her hair.

Her excitement is infectious.

(And, every time after the first)
You've gained 60 energy of Child's Perspective.

(Or, every time after the first, maybe only after unlocking the AROTPBY?)
You've gained 100 energy of Child's Perspective.

Leave her be

You turn your back on the mirror for a moment, ignoring the reflections.

See Walk Away

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