Chip Junkie Sidearm


Image NewPistol2-25.jpg
Description Someone must really like their neural recording chips. Having a chipdeck to read them is one thing, but building it into your gun?
Type Weapon
Hidden Flags Pistol Weapon
Effects +6 Ranged Power
Neural Link


Retrofit your boring old Executive Sidearm into a chipdeck with a Neural Bridge
Executive Sidearm Neural Bridge
= Chip Junkie Sidearm


Allows slotting of neural recordings (10 energy buffs)

Repurpose your old Executive Sidearm with a new Signal Analysis Circuit and Neural Bridge for the whole entertainment package
Chip Junkie Sidearm Signal Analysis Circuit
= Entertainment Sidearm
toolbox.jpg Executive Sidearm, Neural Bridge
GoldCoins.jpg .16 Drugs
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