Chitin Hands


Image Spider%20leg%2025.png
Description Chitinous spikes have grown to cover your hands, making your hands incredibly hard but rather inflexible. Hopefully anyone who sees it will think it's some weird cyberware.
Hidden Flags Bone Effect, Counterculture Cyberware
Effects +4 Melee Defense
(+6 Melee Power when you don't have a weapon)
-4 Reflexes


From using a venomous paste. (50 Duration)


With this effect active, using Kidney Punch can grant the Spider Grip technique.
Enhances Spider Grip.
Counts as having counterculture cyberware installed.
Gives bonus drops from the pit spider (silk strands).
Gives bonus drops from the horrific spider (spider skein).
Gives alternate message for the Webbed Building in the slags.

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