Chitinous Wires


Image chitinouswires.jpg
Description Call on Eclipse and branded electronics
Chain 4
Type Etheric
Attribute Will

Attack Summary

Condition Base
You make an extravagant gesture as though trying to show off your new shadow puppet.
While Etheric 8 Lose 1 turn of Etheric
You throw a shadowy shape made of chitinous limbs at <opponent> for <x> etheric damage.
While Etheric and with mascot adapter equipped 13 Lose 1 turn of Etheric, gain <dam dealt> energy of Crawling Adapter
The chitinous creature in your hand digs into <opponent> for <x> etheric damage.


With mascot adapter equipped, while Etheric, after winning a fight against a Spider opponent and more instances of Branded Lash than instances of Chitinous Wires are in your deck, you get a copy of this technique with the message:

The adapter in your hand twitches in sympathy as your foe falls.

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