Image lumpofcoal.jpg
Description This shapeless lump of chocolate is probably better for cooking than eating straight up.
Type Food
Requires 1 Hunger
Use As amazing as chocolate is, a raw lump of the stuff just seems like a bit… much.
Multi You succumb to the Halloween desires of generations, eating all the chocolate you want and them some. It's… not really very good without other stuff in it.
Effects Gain 1-3 Energy
Gain 5 Energy of Full of Chocolate (only with Full of Chocolate active)


Melt two Ancient Candybars
oven25.jpg 2 Ancient Candybars
= Chocolate
Melt a Caramel Bar into an Ancient Candybar
Caramel Bar Ancient Candybar
= Chocolate


Mix some Butter and Chocolate
Chocolate Butter
= Melted Chocolate
Add some Chocolate to Cookie Dough
Chocolate Cookie Dough
= 4-6 Chocolate Chunk Cookies
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .08 Goods
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